A Dwarf Theme Park? Yes, Really

Some little people are having a really big problem with a theme park in China called Kingdom of the Little People. The park actually employs troupes of dwarfs as the main attraction. Their piece de resistance is a little person slapstick version of “Swan Lake.” Sounds very wrong, right? At least that’s what The Little People of America, a support group for people with dwarfism, think. They believe the park is promoting segregation and projecting a negative image for people of short stature. But the park’s owner, Chen Mingjing, has a different take. He sees the park as a way to help the more than 100 dwarfs who he says might otherwise be out of work. Only in China, folks. What do you think? Exploitation or public service? [AOL]

So what do you think? Is Kingdom of the Little People offensive?