A Closer Look At The Miss Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant

It’s official. Jamie Jungers is the fairest mistress of them all. Yesterday morning, Howard Stern got together Jungers along with Loredana Jolie and Jaimee Grubs for the Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant, where the women answered questions in bikinis, naturally. (A fourth mistress was supposed to show, but backed out last minute. I’m guessing Cory Rist?) So what made Jamie shine in the competition? She’s the only girl who seemed even slightly sincere. “I loved him. … I did,” she said at one point, though she did reveal that Tiger never tipped the waitstaff when they went out together and always expected his meals gratis. “It embarrassed me,” she sighed. Right, because the part where he was married to another woman wasn’t embarrassing? Still, Jamie walked away with a $75,000 check and a black diamond ring, and cried upon learning that she’d won the prize. “Now I can actually help my family move, so thank you,” she said. “And of course [I want to thank] God.” Uh, seems like an odd choice given the circumstances. Maybe she meant to thank him for the fact that she didn’t get an STD out of the whole ordeal?

Jaimee Grubbs came in second, winning a $15,000 check. “She looked pretty upset when she didn’t win,” an audience member told the Daily News. “She said, ‘After this, I’m done.’ And she distanced herself from the other two during the show. She kept saying that her situation was different because she didn’t know that Woods was married. She also made a jab at the other women when she said that she didn’t go to Tiger, Tiger came to her.” [NY Daily News]