What Your Corey Preference Says About You

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were the Betty and Veronica for tweenage girls in the ’80s. There wasn’t a single one of us who wasn’t dreaming a little dream about the two Coreys back in the day. Sadly, one half of this pop-culture PB & J has passed away. RIP, Corey Haim.

What was it that made the Coreys so darn appealing? That together they made the perfect guy. They were the yin and yang of dudeness, totally opposite yet completely complementary. But as it goes in life, you can only pick one team to play for. And the Corey you had the hots for says a lot about your personality. So did you rip out Tiger Beat centerfolds of Haim, the popular boy with a hidden dark side, or Feldman, the neurotic, bad boy with a heart of gold? After the jump, what your Corey preference says about you.Corey Haim: Haim lovers are beautiful, charming, and charismatic. Appearances are important to them and they care very much what others think. Often the life of the party, Haimers tend to keep their problems to themselves and like to deal with issues privately. Even though they seem to have it all, insecurity plagues them. Sensitive at heart, Haim lovers are a bit naïve about the world and get knocked down by the punches that life throws at them.

Corey Feldman: Feldman lovers like to march to the beat of their own drummer and don’t really care what people say. They follow their instincts and always speak what’s on their mind, even if it’s overtly neurotic or unpopular. Feldmans like to have a good time, sometimes so good of a time that it gets them into trouble. Their Achilles heel? Not knowing when to keep their mouths shut. Although they wear their cynicism on their sleeve, beneath it they hide an optimistic side. It’s their strength and resilience that comes from their individuality and willingness to let it all hang out that keeps them keeping on.