Want To Find A Great Mate? Just Relax

Add this to your grab bag of fun facts about finding love that will not actually help you one bit. A new study done at University of Trier in Germany found that our taste in romantic partners is determined by our mood. Before I get to the results, my favorite part of this study is the method they used. I’ll spare you all the details but let’s just say that nudie pics, ice water, and warm water were involved. Are we sure this is a scientific study and not some glorified sex game?

Anyhow, researchers found that when we are relaxed, we tend to attract mates who look more like us and whom we’re more compatible with. But in times of stress, we are more likely to pick a partner who bears no resemblance to us. Is this further confirmation that we’re all raging narcissists when it comes to love? Not exactly. The theory is that humans have evolved to be less picky about choosing a mate carefully when times are tough. Isn’t that just what we call “desperation”? [Daily Mail]