The Next Generation Of Reality TV: All Celebs All The Time

reality lily allen jpg
I thought the whole point of reality TV was for some unknown Joe or Jane Schmo to have their 15 minutes of fame. But it’s becoming more and more about celebrities trying to extend or reclaim their 15 minutes. (Hello, Jessica Simpson! And Steven Seagal!) Sure, this can be entertaining from time to time, but usually not in a good way. Lily Allen has just announced that she will be retiring as a singer on July 4 to become a clothing designer — and she plans to launch her new career by starring in … you guessed it … a reality TV show! The untitled documentary-style series will follow her through her career transition as she attempts to open a clothing boutique with her sister called “Lucy In Disguise.” Clever. You’d better believe I’ll be skipping that one. [PopEater]

Here are some more celebs with alleged reality shows in the works.

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