17 Phrases We’re Tired Of Hearing About Women

Sometimes a girl just gets sick and tired of all the cutesy little words and phrases that exist to describe women. I mean, cougar? Puma? Cheetah? Who can keep them all straight?

Depending on the situation, most of my life I’ve been called either a “princess” (for wanting what I want when I want it) or a “femi-Nazi” (for being a feminist with thoughts and opinions).

Oh, but one lucky day I’ll be called a M.I.L.F., or even “a woman of a certain age.” Can you tell that I just can’t wait?

We at The Frisky put our pretty little heads together and made a list of 17 words and phrases about women and girls that we’re just sick and tired of hearing. Won’t you let us know which ones you’re done with, too?

  1. A dog
  2. Princess
  3. Butterface
  4. Drama queen
  5. Femi-Nazi
  6. Mean girls (What, boys are never mean?!?)
  7. “A woman of a certain age”
  8. “He cried like a little girl!”
  9. “On the rag”
  10. ” … like a girl” (as in “She throws like a girl”)
  11. ” … for a girl” (as in “She’s good at Tomb Raider, for a girl”)
  12. “Piece of ass
  13. “Being a pussy”
  14. Tramp stamp
  15. Chick lit or chick flick when applied to any and every book by or movie starring a woman
  16. Cougar, cheetah and puma
  17. M.I.L.F.