Jessie Spano’s Caffeine-Induced Breakdown, Now In Infographic Form!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Jessie Spano has got a huge geometry test to study for, not to mention rehearsals with her band, Hot Sundaes. Jessie is, like, stressing out. How is she going to get enough studying in, with all those precious hours wasted sleeping at night? That’s what drugs are for right? To help you stay up? Particularly that evil drug known as caffeine! This, of course, is the gripping plot of “Saved By The Bell”‘s best episode, “Jessie’s Song,” which climaxes when Zack finds out Jessie’s been popping pills and maniacally singing “I’m So Excited.” But in case you forget the finer plot points of this edgy episode, blogger Nathaniel James created this handy infographic! Sing along with Jessie in the clip after the jump… [Nathanial James via Flavorwire]