Guess How Much Cash You Spend On Makeup In A Lifetime

Sit down, hold on to your seats, and get ready for a shock. In your lifetime, you’ll spend about $13,000 dollars on makeup. Yes, you read that right. Between the lip glosses, eyeliners, and creams, your purchases will amount to thousands of dollars spent on beauty products. But when you think about it, the price totally makes sense. After all, you should be throwing out your makeup on a regular basis given its shelf life, and most women tend to buy small beauty items on impulse. What’s one more gloss that only costs $3, right? (Um…) Add that to your other random purchases, plus the routine restocking of concealer, moisturizer, and foundation, and there’s the 13 grand. Even more interesting is the statistic that women spend 20 minutes a day on their makeup, which equates to 330 days in a lifetime. At least now you know where all your hard-earned dollars and free time are going. [Daily Mail]

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