French Grazia Details The “Cool Old People” Trend

After reading about the ridiculous air diet in a recent issue of French Grazia, I have a confession to make: I’m now a full-on addict of the sometimes-crazy fashion rag, and look forward to picking it up just to see what weird “hot trend” they’ll uncover next. (Of course, this is much easier for me to do given that I live in Paris—but now I can translate all the best international gossip for you!) This week, it’s about old people: “Les Seniors de la Hype,” which I’m sure you understand. Yes, that’s right, old people are super cool and can be far trendier than your young bony ass will ever be. Pointing to examples like the 88-year-old fashion guru Iris Apfel and the obsession with senior fashion blog Advanced Style, Grazia’s simply amazed that, more and more, the geriatric crowd is presenting itself as hip and well-dressed.

Aren’t old people supposed to always be cool? In all fairness, they do point to one particularly rad granny, a 69-year-old DJ named Ruth Flowers (DJ name, Mamie Rock), who is shaking the Paris nightlife scene. (I so have to meet this chick.) Check out the video of her above.