Corey Haim Found Dead This Morning

If you were a preteen girl in the late ’80s, chances are you or someone you know had a bedroom full of Corey Haim posters on the wall. Back then, the star of “The Lost Boys” and “License to Drive” was a hot young actor whose career seemed to just be getting off the ground. Sadly, by the mid-’90s, both his career and life stalled and he became known more — if at all — as a washed-up, drug-addicted has-been than the teen idol who showed so much promise just a few years earlier. In 2001, he was the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story that painted him as a casualty of his early success. In 2006, he was ready for a comeback and filmed two seasons of the improv/reality show “The Two Coreys” on A&E with his old buddy, Cory Feldman. The show was canceled a year after it premiered. In real life, the two Coreys, longtime best friends, became estranged when Feldman refused contact with Haim until he finally kicked his addiction. This morning Cory Haim was found dead in his apartment from an apparent overdose — possibly accidental. He was 38. [via TMZ, Wikipedia]

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