Call Us What You Will: The Frisky Staff’s Nicknames

We here at The Frisky spend most of our time working away deep inside the blogging mines, unearthing the best webternet content we can find. It’s not easy. But someone has to do it! And that is us. Occasionally, we do take the time to have a good time, and every good time, as everyone knows, involves a nickname. For example, in high school: I was very tall. And people called me Big Bird. Did I like that? Well, no. Or, should I say, maybe? A nickname is a sign of endearment, so if you want to know what to call Amelia next time you see her rocketing down the sidewalk, your handy guide is after the jump. Amelia: Althea. I gave her this nickname. I had Aretha Franklin on my mind. How that turned into Althea, no idea.

Susannah: Suze. Althea named me this. She was forbidden to pick Susan or Sue. This is what she came up with.

Wendy: Red hair + boobs = Joan.

Joanne: She’s our copy editor, so we decided to call her Pookie.

Catherine: Last name: Strawn. Nickname: Strawners.

Annika: Niki. Spell it right or GTFO.

Jessica: Daddy calls her Boop Boop.

Kate: Her last name is Torgovnick, so the peoples call her T.Govs, like J.Lo.

Erin: Little One because she is model-thin as a pin.

Simcha: Boobs McGee. Self-explanatory.

Leonora: Our Leo’s wrestling name is Tiny Lion. Watch out!

What’s your nickname? Shout it out in the comments!