Boob Tube News: New Shows For Gabourey Sidibe And Keri Russell

After a glorious evening of television (a great episode of “Lost“! The lesbian kiss on “90210”!), I was pleased to read today’s entertainment news and see that … there’s lots more exciting stuff headed to the small screen soon. After the jump, the “Jersey Shore” kids head to South Beach, Keri Russell gets a new show, and our girl Gabourey Sidibe signs on for an edgy cable series.

  • Straight off her big night at the Oscars, our new favorite, Gabourey Sidibe, has a new show in the works. She’s signed on for the Showtime series “The Big C,” which will be on late this summer. The show is about a teacher with terminal cancer, played by the amazing Laura Linney. Gabby will be the sharp, uber-sarcastic kid in her class. So much for her not having a career after “Precious.” Take that, Howard. [Variety]
  • What could be better than the news that Felicity, aka Keri Russell, has signed on for a new show called “Wilde Kingdom”? The new show co-stars Will Arnett and is written/produced by the team who brought you “Arrested Development.” The concept: Will Arnett is a skeezy Beverly Hills playboy who falls for Russell’s do-gooder humanitarian. [EW]
  • It’s official: “Jersey Shore” season two won’t be going down in Seaside Heights. The crew is heading to South Beach to film, possibly very soon. And this time their house will have a tanning bed, giving the cast even less reason to go to the actual beach. [Miami Herald]