10 People Who Got Famous Through Twitter

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When Conan O’Brien randomly started following Sarah Killen’s Twitter page (@LovelyButton) she got nearly 19,000 followers, a new iMac, a free wedding gown, gratis wedding rings, $2,600 in donations for her cancer walk, and the chance to meet Ludacris. In return, Sarah is inviting Conan to her wedding. “My fiance wants Conan to be his best man,” she said. “That would be really cool. And hey, if he wants us to come on his show, we’d get married on there. That would be fantastic.” Guess she’s not that big of a fan if she hasn’t heard that there isn’t a show anymore? [Gawker]

Twitter has done some crazy things to our world. Nerds have become popular and we know more about strangers than our closest friends thanks to the constant updates of their mundane thoughts. And it’s also set the celebrity world a bit topsy-turvy. Here are just a few of those who’ve been plucked from obscurity and thrust into Twitter greatness.

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