How To Get The Fake Bangs In Sunshine & Shadow’s Spring Lookbook

We’ve long been fans of fun, indie label Sunshine & Shadow, but now we love them for their beauty ideas, too. We’re totally digging the signature hairstyle of their spring/summer 2010 lookbook, which has models sporting smooth fake bangs that are sometimes Heidi-esque, other times glam and classy. We decided to try out the style ourselves. After the jump, how we did it!

  1. With slightly damp hair (you can mist your hair a few times with a spray bottle if you’re starting out dry), comb forward your bangs or the front part of your hair, sectioning off a side part.
  2. On the side you’re rolling the hair, you’ll want to actually comb forward a bit more from the crown of your head, as you’ll incorporate this as you begin rolling.
  3. Starting with a 1-2 inch chunk closest to your part, begin rolling the hair under, towards your forehead. As you keep rolling, gently add adjacent sections of your hair, continuing to your temple or where your hair ends. As you get towards the temple, you should be adding chunks of hair by brushing them forward past your ear. Once you’re satisfied with the length of your roll, secure with 2-3 bobby pins by pushing them up into the roll. For shorter hair: you may have to do this in two parts, securing with a bobby pin halfway, and again at the end. Your roll might be a bit tighter. For longer hair: you can wear a longer roll that goes past your ear, playing up the looseness.
  4. To make the roll really secure, we gently blow-dried it on the lowest setting, and added a spritz of hairspray.
  5. For the rest of the styling, the options are up to you! This would look good with a low, loose ponytail. Or, play up a contrast between the smooth “bangs” and a wavy mane worn down.