SeaWorld Trainer’s Family Wants To Block Video Of Killer Whale’s Attack

The family of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau, who drowned when she was pulled underwater by a killer whale after a performance, is trying to prevent police from distributing video of the incident to the media. SeaWorld cameras captured the February 24th attack, when, after a show, the whale Tilikum grabbed 40-year-old Brancheau by her ponytail and held her underwater. The videos were handed over to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for an investigation and once that investigation is complete, Florida law would allow them to become public.

But a spokesman for the Brancheau family said they might pursue a court injunction to prevent the tapes from being made public, which they said would magnify their grief. As much, I’m ashamed to admit, as I’d be curious to watch the tapes, I do hope they are never made public out of respect to Brancheau’s family. What do you think? [Fox News]