Performance Art Protester Crashes Lagerfeld Fashion Show

During Paris Fashion Week, the Jardin des Tuileries is a prime people-gazing spot where street-style photographers flock to snap the chic-set exiting the tents. But when a performance artist headed there on Sunday, getting recognized by the Sartorialist wasn’t on her agenda. Rather, she came in silent protest of the industry’s promotion of too-thin beauty ideals. Laying on the ground with posters reading “Size Zero Kills,” she painted her face white and dressed herself in trash bags, black mesh eye coverings, and Chanel ballet flats.
The artist, who blames her teenage battle with anorexia on the fashion industry, specifically chose to target Karl Lagerfeld:

“Karl Lagerfeld has promoted the illegitimate claim that size-zero models are better at selling products than models at healthier weights. He famously lost 90 pounds in a year and uses the anti-obesity card as a way of deflecting from the anorexia issue. Our culture is struggling with a problem of extremes, and if the media’s beauty ideals return to a more balanced vision of naturalness and health, then perhaps it will encourage the same in the general population.”

We wish we could have been there to see how people reacted to her performance. From afar, we find the project disturbing (in a constructive way) and noble. But we have to wonder if the rail-thin fashionistas didn’t just snicker and light up another cigarette.