Japan’s Latest Men’s Fashion Trend Is Sexist, Thug-Inspired

According to The Senken, “The most widely read fashion daily in Japan” (I’d never heard of it either until I was handed a copy at Paris Fashion Week), the latest men’s fashion craze is a style called “OraOra,” which “comes from a sound Japanese people make when threatening someone.” As such, the general theme is a “bad boy” look, characterized by baggy black sweatsuits, gangsta body language, guido-like graphic embellishments, and sunglasses. Explains The Senken, “It is a tough guy’s look that says ‘don’t mess with me’ in head to toe black. The key words for this look are outlaw and tough guy.”

We’d normally just sigh and shake our heads in heavy disappointment at the continual lack of male fashion sense, but things get weird when we find out the supposed “reasons” this trend is taking off … The Senken asserts that, “The Gals seem to fancy such bad boy looks and thus, it has suddenly emerged as the most appealing style for men … Underlying this trend is the ‘recovery of masculinity.’ Japanese have a hidden attraction to such bad guys and the men secretly harbor a desire to be tough and masculine.” But wait: “The economic recession has led women to turn to men for strength and vitality (someone who will protect her, has money) = they are looking for masculinity; thus the OraOra style becomes more appealing.” Um, what?

So, ladies, the recession has got you so freaked out that you’re hanging on for dear life to men dressed as the Japanese version of The Situation? (Granted, we’re not exactly quick to believe this from a newspaper that uses an equal sign in a non-mathematical sentence.)