How Stars Starve Themselves For The Oscars

Ever wonder how celebs look so svelte for major red carpet events? Thanks to a revealing new interview with nutritionist to the stahs Oz Garcia, we now know the answer: They stop eating solid foods! Duh. Basically, a month before the event, Garcia instructs clients to detox pronto. He’s anti the Master Cleanse — the lemon juice/cayenne pepper water that Beyonce famously lost a ton of weight on — and instead advocates two-to-three-day juice fasts using programs like Blueprint Cleanse or Organic Avenue, the latter of which Hollywood and New Yorkers alike are obsessed with these days.

While we probably won’t be ingesting nothing but juice anytime soon, his advice on workouts is heartening, if not super believable: “Garcia says that 20 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, once a day, is sufficient.” Um, if we had a treadmill in our house, we would totally jump on there for 20 minutes a day! Maybe.

He also recommends clients eat lots of eggs and berries for shiny skin and hair, and cut out the usual suspects: high fructose corn syrup, bacon, yadda yadda yadda.

Sounds way harsh. Luckily, the paparazzi are giving us a break today and we’re pigging out. []