Real-Life Party Crashers Revealed!

The Vanity Fair Oscar party was crashed for the first time in 15 years on Sunday. The crasher, Gawker’s Ravi Somaiya had to sneak in hours in advance, steal passes left idle for a moment in a back room and hide in stairwells all to enjoy about seven minutes of party-going. While this may sound a bit frivolous, the duplicity required to get through the army of security guards, ex-CIA agents and celebrity handlers surrounding that event is actually pretty impressive and it has us thinking about our own party-crashing feats. While none rival Somaiya’s badass foray into the VF party, we’ve got a few accomplishments under our belts! (Like I may or may not have talked my way into 10 to 15 fashion shows I wasn’t invited to my first season in New York.) A few readers have pitched in their own tales of gate-crashing after the jump and we’d love to see yours in the comments!

“It wasn’t me doing the crashing, but I used to work for the Society section of a paper that shall go unnamed and apparently some man named Richard had fooled tons of $1,000-a-plate event organizers into giving him free tickets as a reporter for the paper.” – Lana

“This is so weird, but the guy I had a crush on was having a birthday party at this bar near my house so I talked the bouncer into believing I was his girlfriend so he’d let me in. Surprisingly, it actually ended up going pretty well, though it would have been mortifying if he’d found out what I told the bouncer…” – Keyana

“I found out my first serious girlfriend might have been cheating on me. So I went across the state to confront the dude, walked into his going-away party, asked him if he was banging her, he told me to go f**k myself and I knocked out three of his front teeth. I was then thrown down a flight of stairs and drove home two hours bloodier than all hell. – Trevor

“I still don’t know exactly how it worked out for me, but I talked my way into the Alexander Wang spring ’10 after-party.” – Jenna