Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Liars To Gorillaz

I Love Liars. And I’m not talking about the all the sweet-talking men who’ve done me wrong. This time, I’m talking about my fave band in the world, Liars, the ruling triumvirate of all that is awesome. They manage to do the improbable — create existential noise rock that is relatable and awkward sonic love that’ll spin you right round. You might remember them from the heart-melting “Houseclouds” vid where kitties go crazy for them. Well, today, they unleash their fifth record, Sisterworld and, girl, it kicks off a new release Tuesday more stacked with juicy radness than a big ol’ booty! Gorillaz goes bananas; super group Broken Bells busts out; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club adds some vroom; Frightened Rabbit is scary good; Ludacris is back on the badonkadonk trail … and that’s just the half of it. So let’s get into the groove, after the jump.

Liars, Sisterworld
Since I’ve already rambled on about my love for the Liars, I’ll let them tell you what their record is about in their own words. “We’re interested in the alternate spaces people create in order to maintain identity in a city like L.A. Environments where outcasts and loners celebrate a skewered relationship to society.”

Gorillaz, Plastic Beach
Just in time for spring, Gorillaz drops groovable fun times with music’s wildest animals featuring cameos by the likes of Lou Reed, Snoop Dogg and Mos Def.

Broken Bells, self-titled
The Shins’ James Mercer & Danger Mouse super-group it up on a sweet new album of beats with a sensitive side.

Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
Dark and delicious garage rock.

Ludacris, Battle Of The Sexes
Luda brings on the tracks that’ll make yo’ booty bounce involuntarily.

Frightened Rabbit, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks
Sentimental cacophony by emo boy with a Scottish accent. Swoon.

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists, Brutalist Bricks
Clangy, retro guitar rock.

Titus Andronicus, Monitor
An indie concept record about the Civil War that’s Conor Oberst-y.

Gonjasufi, A Sufi& A Killer
Off-kilter funk that skips the beat and the mainstream.

Miles Kurosky, The Desert Of Shallow Effects
Adorable guitar indie that could be on a Wes Anderson soundtrack.