What’s The Dirtiest Book You’ve Ever Read?

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You remember it like it was yesterday: You’re still a kid, you’re at your mom’s house or maybe your grandma’s place, no grownups are paying attention, and you pull a book off the shelf that you knew you “weren’t supposed to be looking at.” You flip through the pages until you find what you’re looking for … SEX. Maybe you read a passing reference to a blow job, or maybe you read a full, dirty chapter of a trashy VC Andrews novel, but you were hooked: So this is what dirty books are! Chances are you grew up into an adult who also enjoyed dirty books — but luckily, you didn’t have to hide them from Mom anymore.

We asked the Frisky staffers to name the dirtiest, smuttiest books they’ve ever read. Some of it’s trash, some of it’s literature, but all of it’s dirty. And, of course, we want to know the dirtiest book you’ve ever read, too!

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