Today’s Lady News: Happy International Women’s Day!

  • For International Women’s Day, The New York Times questions which countries worldwide are the best for women and discovers the United States isn’t listed in the top 10 on four different lists! [New York Times]
  • For the first time ever, Washington, D.C., will distribute 500,000 female condoms for free in areas of the city with high rates of HIV. [Washington Post]
  • A recent study of the world’s richest nations by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development found that American men spend approximately 38 minutes more each day on leisure activities than American women. [Daily Mail UK]
  • A recent Gallup poll has found Americans who identify as either Republican or Democrat are more polarized by the abortion issue than ever. [UPI]
  • Dr. Anita Figueredo, one of the first female oncological surgeons, passed away on February 19, at age 93. She was only one of four women in her med school classes. [Los Angeles Times]


  • Experts say that gender-selective abortions of girls are on the rise in India. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Starting April 1, new legislation will go into effect in Northern Ireland that will hold male johns accountable for hiring a prostitute who has been trafficked into sex work against her will. [BBC]
  • Female activists in the Philippines delivered two baskets of condoms to Catholic bishops, asking them to bless the contraceptives in honor of women’s reproductive health. The bishops recently called for the Filipino Secretary of Health to step down after distributing condoms to the public. [APF]
  • Poet and feminist Simin Behbahani, 82, was allegedly banned by the Iranian government from traveling to France to celebrate International Women’s Day. Behbahani is close friends with Shirin Ebadi, a human rights activist in Iran and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. [AFP]