Beauty Dare: Bold Blue Eyeshadow

Lately I’ve been trying out some of the makeup that sits unused in my bathroom. When it comes to cosmetics, I’m a pretty simple girl—my main concern is covering my uneven skin tone. My last experiment was with a bright red shade of Chanel lipstick, which went shockingly well and Coco has made a few more appearances since that evening. But red lips are pretty standard, so for my next challenge I took on something a bit more bold—electric blue eyeshadow.I’ve long admired the brilliance of this Shu Uemura shade (Blue 660), but have preferred to admire it from afar, always saying I’d wear it for some truly fabulous party. Last week the opportunity came with my first Paris Fashion Week party. I first took to the internet, hoping that Google would give me some tips as to how to wear this kooky color. Ah! I am overwhelmed by YouTube tutorials, how-to’s, product guides, and instructional photos! I’ve started my pre-party with a celebratory glass of champagne and cannot concentrate on anything. I decide to wing it.

I start by lining my lower lids with my usual brown eyeliner, smudging for a smokey effect. Hesitantly, I swipe on a coat of the shadow on the top. Hmm … it’s very light. Another coat brings it out a bit more. Then, I really go to town, smudging my brush forcefully into the powder, trying to make a darker line near my lashes that fades to the top of the lid. When I’m done, I look at myself, confused. It’s definitely … blue. Is this how it’s supposed to look? Not sure I’m feeling it. Another glass of champagne while I wait for my friend to arrive to pick me up.

I’m lucky this friend is a fabulous fashion-inclined gay boyfriend, because when he walks in the door, the first words out of his mouth are: “Oh WOW … wait, is this party ’80s-themed?”

“Oh no,” I say, disappointed. “Is it really that awful?”

“Let me get a closer look at you in the light,” he says, guiding me to the bathroom. He stares at me, silently. This is bad.


“Actually … no, it’s not that bad.” I don’t believe him. “It just makes you look kind of washed out.” I know that tone. Kind of like how when I went through a bad breakup and didn’t wear any makeup to work for a week and my boss told me, “You look … different.”

Gay boyfriend did have a point. As much as the internet said that blue shadow goes well with brown eyes, it wasn’t doing anything for me. So, I’m sad to say, Shu and I never left the house together.

But, I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on blue shadow. Do you like it? Any suggestions for how to make the look more wearable? I’m all eyes.