Jennifer Aniston Sniffs Out A Way To Save Her Career — A Perfume Line!

Well, it looks like Jennifer Aniston didn’t need our suggestions about how to save her career after all. She came up with an idea all her own. Drum roll … she’s launching her own perfume line! Why didn’t we think of that? Here we were rooting for a sex tape or artificial insemination. There are no details currently available about eau de Jennifer, but we have no doubt that we will be seeing her in a ridiculous perfume ad very soon. Sadly, we hear that she is having some trouble coming up with a name. We can help with that! After the jump, some name suggestions for Jen’s celebrity scent. [Celebitchy]

  • Tabloid. With a hint of paper stock, so you can pretend your life is fascinating enough that everyone cares about the minutiae.
  • Be Friends. The sexy scent for the woman who never gets the guy.
  • Ovary. For the woman who is still fertile after 40.
  • Cougar. You too can get John Mayer and promote your best friend’s awful television show in one clean scent.
  • The Rachel. Smells like shampoo, to remind everyone of the famous haircut.
  • Divorcee. She may be younger, but his new woman’s scent doesn’t compare to yours.
  • Mexican Getaway. Ultra refreshing, like a vacation from the paps.
  • Om. For the yoga fanatic.
  • Jealousy. Just because you can’t show it doesn’t mean you can’t smell like it.
  • Girl Next Door. Because there’s nothing wrong with being America’s sweetheart.