Jean Paul Gaultier’s Line For Target Debuted, Sold Out

Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection for Target arrived today yesterday, but if you didn’t stay up all night, endlessly refreshing, or make an early morning trip to the store, you probably missed out. That’s because most of the JPG for Target clothes were gone before 9 a.m. on Monday morning.

I thought the point of high-end designers collaborating with mass retailers was to get their name out beyond the world of fashion insiders and to give those of us who can’t afford a real designer clothes a taste of our favorite labels. But design-for-all doesn’t seem to be the goal anymore. When the only people who can get their hands on the clothes are fashion insiders and crazy entrepreneurs who snap up as much as they can and sell the items for more than twice the retail prize, the original purpose is defeated. And I’m not alone in feeling annoyed with the exclusivity of these “democratic” offerings. Commenters on have already begun voicing their opinions about the Jean Paul Gaultier collection and the difficulty associated with making what you’d think would be a simple purchase. mbj of LA wrote:

All of the Target stores in California (not to mention on line) allowed individuals to walk in at opening and purchase ALL OF THE COATS AND HALF OF ALL OF THE MERCHANDISE at EVERY STORE and they are now selling it on line FOR DOUBLE! I can’t believe that not only was this allowed but all of the actual customers who were interested in these products were left disappointed. I went to 5 Target stores and they all said the same thing: some guy walked in a bought all of it! Really Target, there should be a limit. I would boycott the people trying to sell these and stick it to them. The whole point is that Target is supposed to make it affordable for the average working person not for those who can afford to shell out double.

Capitalism can’t be stopped, but even shoppers who thought they had JPG items in their shopping cart found out differently when they tried to check out, like unhappy customer Cindy R of northern Virginia:

I actually got one of these in my shopping cart online, entered my credit card info, and in between, it was sold to someone else and by the time I went to confirm my information, a few seconds later, it showed as out of stock, and I could not buy it. I am so disgusted with Target!! I stayed up half the night to order online, and feel robbed of something I really wanted to buy. If Target is going to seek that much press coverage for these lines, they should make sure they can stock enough to deliver to loyal customers like me. Another customer suggested a policy on designer lines limiting purchase amounts so unscrupulous people can’t buy them all up and then sell them for more than twice the price. Target really needs to implement such a policy to ensure fairness to all its customers. And our local store only stocked a few of the items from the JPG line – not the trench – so no chance of buying on site, either! Ridiculous!

And some have said didn’t have every size in stock, even when the collection first appeared online. LMBB of Wisconsin wrote:

I checked from 11 p.m. until 2:15 a.m every 10 minutes to buy this dress. Finally about 2:15 a.m. the Gaultier collection shows up. I quickly go to buy this dress as it is my favorite from the collection and find that they have only size 5 and 7 online–which is not my size, and this collection is not sold in my state. This sure seems unfair, especially when I’ll probably see many of this dress is old elsewhere for double the cost. It is pretty obvious that this would be one of the highest demand dresses being black and elegant. Perhaps a rationing system of only one of each item should be instituted for the first week or two a collection is available.

Sure, hysteria like this can make a collection seem even more desirable, but I wonder if Target shouldn’t at least try to have more in stock the day something like this line launches. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to be someone special to buy an item from Target?