Do You Fake Your Big “O”?

Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark, ladies, and I’m afraid it’s partly our own fault. According to a new poll of 3,000 women, 20 percent of us are “extremely” unhappy in bed, but rather than communicate with our partners about our dissatisfaction, a whopping 48 percent of us fake orgasms, with one in ten women faking the big ‘O’ every single time they have sex! So, what gives? Why are so many of us not opening up with our partners about our needs? Why are we pretending to be satisfied when we clearly aren’t? Do some women just think sex is something we simply can’t or aren’t supposed to enjoy? Why on earth would so many women not get more assertive about their sexual satisfaction? If you’re a faker, maybe you can help shed some light on this issue. What do you accomplish by fakin’ it? [via Daily Mail]