Bodycology Cupcake Lotion Will Leave You Smelling Good Enough To Eat

OK, so, I’m not going to lie. Yesterday, I was shopping at Wal-Mart. Sometimes, that’s how I roll. Mostly, I go there to stock up on toiletries. You know, self-tanner, so I can look more like Snooki. Stuff like that. In any case, I was pushing my cart down the lotion aisle, cruising the Bodycology products. They may not be the best performing, low-budget lotions — Cetaphil is probably a better choice if you’re looking for something that, you know, actually works — but I like to get the Bodycology lotions, too, because they smell good, and you can put them on over or with a lotion that works well. In any case, I was checking out the usual Bodycology scented lotions — White Gardenia, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Raspberries & Cream — when one I’d never seen before caught my eye. Vanilla Cupcake! Yes, you, too, can smell like a cupcake. I didn’t want to get all heartbroken, so I prepared myself for the fact that it might not actually smell like cupcakes, but I popped the lid and sniffed, and, seriously, if I could eat this stuff, I would. It smells exactly like cupcakes. So good.

But here’s the weird thing. When I started Googling the product this morning, to tell you all about it, I can’t find it anywhere. Not on any website or blog. It’s like I hallucinated the whole thing — except I have it in my hand. It even has a vanilla cupcake with sprinkles on the label. Anyway, if you know where to find this product online, feel free to tell the world where to find it in the comments.