7 Oscar Night Sex Jokes

The Oscars ceremony is full of sexy people, all cleaned up, yet, they’re still talkin’ dirty! Here are the hottest, funniest lines laid down last night.

“Why does a prisoner drop the soap? ‘Cause no one wants to do it alone.”Neil Patrick Harris, during the opening song

“When Steve and I met [Meryl Streep] at the beginning of our movie ‘It’s Complicated.’ We both thought the same thing: What a memorable threesome!”– Alec Baldwin, during the show’s opening monologue. Steve Martin and Alec shook hands, grinning from ear to ear. Then Steve threw Meryl a thumbs-up.

“James Cameron, I see you. I want to plug my tail, my braid, into your dragon.”Ben Stiller, who was dressed like a Na’vi

“Later this evening, the Governor’s Ball will be held — just one of many balls being held all over Hollywood tonight.”– Robin Williams

“Our next presenter won an Oscar for Screenwriting at the age of 27 and then went on to become an action star, which is the first time in Hollywood that a screenwriter has ever gotten any action.”– Alec Baldwin introducing Matt Damon

“We were confused when we were asked to introduce our next presenters, Pedro and Quentin, because those are our pet names for each other.”– Steve Martin, as he pet Alec Baldwin affectionately

“On that trip to Mexico, which I wish I remembered more of … we shared a bed, I think we shared a pillow. And before the rumors get started, it was just spooning.”Colin Farrell, recalling a tender moment with his “SWAT” co-star, Jeremy Renner