11 Things George Clooney Might’ve Been Pissed About At The Oscars

Was is just me, or did George Clooney seem totally pissed off at the Oscars last night? His sour puss act in the front row almost made me miss Jack Nicholson smirking in his dark sunglasses. And George’s lady, Elisabetta Canalis, wasn’t looking too chipper either—those two had “Debbie Downer” written all over their faces. Sure, George played nice for two seconds on the red carpet, but once he got inside … forget it. What the heck does he have to be so pissed about? Our best guesses after the jump.

  1. George is over it. He’s happy where his career is and this whole Oscar business is too much of a pretense for him to even pretend to enjoy it anymore.
  2. Elisabetta told George she was pregnant just moments before their Oscar limo arrived.
  3. He knew he wasn’t going to beat Jeff Bridges, plain and simple. Sure, he has an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor,” but he wants the big boy. He resented wasting 14 hours of his time for a loss?
  4. George hated his floppy, gray hairdo and couldn’t stop thinking about it long enough to have a good time.
  5. George wanted to go stag, but his publicists forced him to take Elisabetta to help him shed his swinging bachelor image.
  6. He was wearing Spanx to hide recent weight gain. He wasn’t unhappy—just uncomfortable.
  7. He likes to ride his motorcycle on Sundays, and his whole routine got thrown off.
  8. Like any man, George hates seeing all of his ex-girlfriends in the same room at the same time.
  9. He was trying to tone down his enthusiasm so as not to make Elisabetta feel bad that she didn’t get nominated for her role in “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.”
  10. George and Elisabetta got their Botox injections too close to the big night. They wanted to smile, but just couldn’t.
  11. Some starlet accidentally stabbed his toe with her stiletto while walking down the red carpet.