Try This Impressive (Yet Surprisingly Easy) Chocolate Paint DIY

Can you believe that chocolate portrait of Audrey Hepburn was done by a real person? If you’re looking for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for a dinner party (which will also distract from a ho-hum dessert if you’re not the world’s greatest baker), check out this surprisingly simple and sweet DIY brought to you by food blog Eye Candy. We know what you’re thinking: Yeah right, Martha Stewart. But trust us, we can hardly draw stick figures, and this was a piece of cake. (Har har.)
In a nutshell, you pick a photo and convert it to a stencil-like black and white image (there’s a fairly detailed Photoshop tutorial, but a quick and sloppy way to do it is to copy the image into Word, and convert to black and white). After that, you print out the picture and put a layer of parchment paper over it, painting in the shadows with melted chocolate and refrigerating between the dark and mid-tones. Fill in the rest with white chocolate, let harden again, flip, remove parchment paper, and voilà! Edible art that will make your friends say, “You made that?” [Eyecandy]