How Long Could You Last Without Beauty Products?

You probably take for granted just how many beauty products you benefit from each day (look in your bathroom cabinet to prove it). So what would happen if you all of a sudden cut yourself off, cold turkey? That’s what one woman did in a 30-day challenge where she allowed herself to use only soap and sunscreen. She did get around some problematic areas by looking to certain foods as substitutes, finding that cornstarch can act like a dry shampoo and olive oil is basically a wonder product for dry skin and lips, as well as hair. Another interesting finding—exfoliating both your armpits and body can decrease your body odor (makes sense when you think about all the dirt that inevitably sits on the top layer of your skin). But, there were emotional and physical drawbacks. Some highlights after the jump and her final judgment. [Today Show/MSNBC]Day 3: “My self-esteem is under siege. I arrived at a dive bar for what was supposed to be casual drinks with my husband and two of our close friends last night. Turned out it was a surprise birthday party, and everyone showed up in style. I was literally in jeans, a t-shirt and no makeup.”

Day 5: “I’ve come as far as I can with just Dove soap and water. I look like the poster child for ‘Les Miserables.’ I need a hair-and-body wash like my husband’s pronto. Discovery: The powers that be only make (or should I say market) hair-and-body wash for men, babies and athletes. Why is that?”

Day 11: “After I told her about my experiment, an honest friend (and bridesmaid) confirmed that I looked worse than usual.”

Day 27: “On a brighter note, rinsing my face with water (versus cleanser) has really softened my skin and kept it otherwise free of breakouts. The occasional honey mask and sugar-olive oil scrub has also kept it from looking as dull as it did the first week.”

Day 36: “The challenge has been done for five days and I still haven’t gotten used to some of the products in my former routine. The good news: Natural perfume oils, mineral makeup and my beloved Chanel tinted moisturizer don’t bother me. And my hair instantly looks healthier after one wash with shampoo and conditioner (see the ‘after’ shot). Thank you, silicone! Discovery: You can live confidently without half the products you use now. It’s just a little painful trying to figure out what those are.”