Ask The Astrosexologist: “My Gemini Boyfriend Isn’t Over His Ex!”

I am a Scorpio in a serious relationship with a Gemini. It’s taken my boyfriend a while to get over his ex. Actually, they were broken up for three years before I first got together with him — and he still is not over her! He even told her that he wished she were with him at his brother’s wedding. He promises me that things are different now. I want to believe him, but I’m having trouble trusting him because he’s hurt me over the issue of his ex before. Do I have a chance with my boyfriend or will he just run back to his ex? – Cautious

Persistence is the curse and blessing of a Scorpio. You are prone to holding on far beyond the time anyone should give and sometimes this can be a great trait, but other times, like this one, it’s bad. No matter what your Gemini does with his ex, the fact of the matter is you can’t trust him to ever have true feelings for you without thinking about his ex too. At this point, he’s made her the third member of your relationship and the fact is you can’t believe he’ll ever change. For this, the chance with your boyfriend rates pretty impossible.

Plus, as it goes, the downside of Gemini is they love having choices and this can make them be in relationships with one foot out the door. It’s then their maturity level which expresses how they deal with this duality in their character. Variety is the spice of their life and they always like juggling two things at once, and, unfortunately for you, his is an ex.

No matter, if you can see past this guy as being the end all, be all, you’ll see there is another guy out there who is going to connect with you without dragging in any baggage. If you can do this, then you will have a chance to have a relationship where you don’t have to be cautious, but carefree and in love. Also, the good news is that this is your year of romance, as Jupiter is in Pisces, in your fifth house, which means luck in love is up for grabs for you — but that means you’ve got to see beyond that zero and set your sights on a hero.

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