Stop The Presses! Carine Roitfeld & Balenciaga At War!

Apparently, fashion icon and famous editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld has been “blacklisted” by Balenciaga. Reports WWD:

They were barred from the show. ‘We’re blacklisted,’ Roitfeld said with a shrug at Nina Ricci later in the day. ‘It’s too bad, it’s a beautiful house and it’s French. I hope that it’s not forever.’ She noted Balenciaga no longer advertises in the magazine or lends it clothes, but stopped short of giving any reason for the rift. ‘Ask them,’ she offered. A Balenciaga spokesman declined comment.”

Quel scandale! If anything, it seems only the reverse situation would occur, where the almighty Vogue would cut off a relationship with a designer. Maybe they were offended by Carine’s pantsless behavior?

In other random Carine news, her mag threw their Fashion Week party last night in Paris and had a special cocktail in honor of Roitfeld called “Carine’s Tea Time.” In it was vodka, green tea syrup, and a minty/floral water. Hey, Carine, is that low-cal? Sounds kind of tasty. [WWD, Twitter]