There Really Is Someone Out There For Everyone

As runways teem with super skinny models and magazines overflow with size 0 waists and DD boobs, it’s easy to forget that normal—or even not so normal—people can find love, too. Take circus performers Jackie Molen, 24, and Josh Bladzik, 27. She’s a one-legged acrobat who is less that four feet tall and he’s a fire-eating, juggling unicyclist. And guess what? They are in love. The couple met in the biz. Molen performs as “Jackie the Human Tripod” in a show called “999 Eyes,” and Bladzik rocks “The Big Circus Sideshow.” Bladzik heard about the famous “human tripod” before the two even met, but he was even more impressed when he saw how pretty she is.

Luckily, Molen’s condition—called unilateral proximal femoral focal deficiency—was no problem for Bladzik’s family. Our gal was afraid to bring her boyfriend home because, she said, her dad is really conservative and Bladzik has a lot of tats. Pops didn’t care and now, after two years, the couple is thinking about starting their own show so they can be together more often. Sigh. [AOL]

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