How To Get In On The New Pastel Eyebrow Craze

We couldn’t find much wrong with Balenciaga’s fall 2010 collection with its rad, funky heels and cozy, collegiate sweaters. But a closer look reveals that several of the models came down the runway with brows dyed in a number of pastel shades. Last year, we saw the weird mini-trend of people bleaching their brows, or even shaving them off. Will the next wave of fashion extremists now adopt this more colorful take? We did a bit of digging to find out if there are folks out there into this look. Turns out there are: Manic Panic obsessives and Cosplay fans. Should have guessed. Manic Panic sells a multi-use pencil ($8.40) that’s for lining eyes, lips, and brows, and comes in hues like bright purple, electric blue, or vampire red. Of course, a more extreme option would be to bleach the hair, then apply any color dye you desire. The Cosplay kids, however, have a less permanent option (that’s no less weird, however): you paint your brows with a washable glue, let it dry, and then brush on a layer of acrylic paint over it.

As for us, we’ll just keep this in mind for Halloween. [Fashion Copious,,]