In Bed With … Shaun White

September 3, 1986, 4:37 am, San Diego, CA
Sun Sign: Virgo
Ascendant: Leo
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Libra
Mars: Capricorn

Love Style:

Shaun is a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve and there is no hiding when he’s got that loving feeling. He’s the boy who goes after what he wants in life and love, and he’ll always do it in a big way. He’s doesn’t hold back on being daring, bold and exciting to the umpteenth degree because that is how he expresses himself in everything he does. When he does lay his love down on the line, it’ll be for someone he wants to give his all to, as if she were his queen. Otherwise, if he’s not feeling that commitment, he’s won’t do it. He believes in the best and no other way. Plus, he’s not a guy to play games, as he has no time to waste on petty affairs. It’s just not his style. You know it, he’s a champion through and through.

Sex Style:

He’s fearless when it comes to EVERYTHING! In bed, Shaun will rock it out, as he’s got the body, spirit and enthusiasm to go long and strong. Plus, he’s going to be a fun lay each and every time. No doubt, he’s a pro at many events, mostly the oral, and he’s most likely more about giving than taking when it comes to love. However, this doesn’t mean all you have to do is lay there, because this boy feeds off his lover’s energy and is all about having it take two to make a thing go right. That’s right, to him sex is a tag team event, and not just something he does to get himself off, as that isn’t his way. He’s a boy who loves the exchange of energy during sex, as it’s more than just a physical thrill to him, but a form of communication. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot he’ll want to express.

His Type:

Shaun, first and foremost, is going to be looking for a mental connection with his lady. He’s no dummy and he’s out to really bond. He likes communicating and exchanging ideas, so someone who can bounce it back just as fast, see the details and bring in just as much optimism to the conversation is his speed. While he will appreciate girls who share his interests, he isn’t looking for a twin. He likes learning and challenge, and any form that comes in will ignite his interest and appeal to him. However, he’s a romantic and he will want someone who can bring out his emotions and inspire him to new heights, but be someone he can trust as his rock. So, while flamboyance and wild spontaneity may appear to be his style, when it comes to truly getting down, he is best with someone who he can chill with. Oh, and chances are high that older ladies are more likely to be compatible with him, as he’s the type of guy who likes looking up to his lady.

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