Find Out If Your Lovah Has Done You Dirty On The Cheater Registry

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of browsing bridal registries for friends’ weddings. More wine glasses? Really? If you want to give your friend an original wedding gift worth its weight in gold, find out if the person she is about to commit herself to for life is a cheater on an amazing new site, Cheater Registry. Either way, you’ll save the day. If you discover he’s a cheater, you’ve saved her a lifetime of pain, even if she claims to hate you when you reveal the bad news. If he’s not a cheater, you can give her the gift of a clean bill of fidelity. Here’s how it works. You log in, run a search, and browse through detailed cheater profiles complete with pics, phone numbers, videos, texts, and detailed descriptions of their indiscretions. You can even search for cheater by gender, zip code, city, and name. You can’t hide from us, dogs! If you know a cheater who is yet to be outed, you can do the world a favor by creating a new profile for the filthy bastard. Don’t think I’m not going to check up on every one of my dates from here on out. Let justice be served.