Beauty Test Drive: Jemma Kidd Make Up School Stain, Flush & Gloss

I’d been wanting a new blush for the past few weeks because I’d outgrown the pink hue of the one I was wearing. Since a recent trip to Sephora didn’t yield any rewards, I decided to try the Jemma Kidd Make Up School Stain, Flush & Gloss in “Ruby Tuesday.” It’s a multipurpose product for cheeks and lips, which means I didn’t have to schlep my complete makeup bag around. Double bonus! The cheek stain looks like a dark red lipstick, but gives the apples of the cheeks a natural-looking flush. Seriously, even my brown skin looked as if I were blushing, which doesn’t happen often because I’m one of those people that never gets embarrassed. (Just kidding. Did you read this post? Those were some of my stories too.) Anyway, a little of the stain goes a long way, especially on the cheeks, but you can also use it on the lips. In fact, I really liked the gloss also because it pumped up my natural lip color while adding some shine. It’s gooey, but not sticky, so you won’t get that icky white stuff lining the inner rim of your lips. At first, I wasn’t too pleased with the staying power of the gloss. But then I read the instructions (Duh! I should have done that first), which say to put the gloss on bare lips. So moisturizing with Carmex beforehand was a bad idea. I learned my lesson and realized pre-moisturizing was unnecessary. So if you want the power to get naturally flushed cheeks and bee-stung lips in one tiny compact, then you’ve got to try this product. [$32, DermStore]