Beauty How-To: Apply Body Shimmer

Body shimmer has a bad rap. OK, maybe it deserves such after the massacre known as the ’90s (rave anyone?), but here’s how you can bring glitter back with all the class and none of the skanky.

Shower and exfoliate:
Take a shower and use a gentle exfoliant. You want to have a nice smooth texture to your skin so the glitter applies evenly. Otherwise, glitter can stick to dry patches of skin giving you an uneven disco-ball look.

Dry off completely and apply moisturizer:
You need to be completely dry before adding body glitter. Apply moisturizer and allow your skin to dry while you finish getting ready, and then you can begin applying the glitter.

Apply glitter to face:
After doing your makeup, use a facial glitter to add sparkle to your complexion. These glitters are usually in gel form and stay put. Use your fingers to apply the shimmer sparingly and highlight cheekbones and eyes. Apply very lightly, sweeping upward to create a nice lifting effect.

Get dressed:
Getting dressed before applying body glitter will prevent you from rubbing off the glitter when putting on your clothes. It also helps you focus on the areas that are visible and need to be accentuated.

Apply body glitter:
You can use your fingers to apply loose and gel body glitter; however, using a large, soft makeup brush gives an even application. Lightly apply body glitter to exposed areas of your body to draw attention to them (shoulders, collarbone and cleavage). Play up your best features!

One final tip:
If you apply too much glitter to one area of your body, don’t panic and start scrubbing your skin with a washcloth. Just use some tape to remove the excess!