Beauty How-To: Use Body Bronzer

We all want a sun-kissed glow no matter the season. So when the sun’s not out but you’re skin is in need of a few rays, simulate a tan with body bronzer. Self tanners are too harsh for some beginner faux-bakers, so start with a body bronzer to add soft color to you’re drab winter skin.Choose a Type of Body Bronzer:
Body bronzers come in mediums from powder to spray mists. Investigate and find out what kind of product you want to use because once you start the application process you’re stuck with your pick.

Match the Body Bronzer to Your Skin:
Chose a color that is the closest to your natural skin tone with just a hint of bronze. You want to add a golden glow, not a sheet of metallic shimmer.

Use an exfoliating scrub to sloth off dead skin cells. This way your skin will be smooth and even for ideal application, and the product wont stick and discolor on rough, dry spots.

Applying the Bronzer:
Spray, pat, or rub the body bronzer into the areas of your skin that the sun naturally hits. Don’t forget the backs of your hands and the bottom of your feet! It’s basically a sun tan in a bottle and you want to make sure you’re covered evenly.

Dry and Dress:
Don’t rush the process. Nothing is worse than doing all of that hard work and then dressing too quickly and smearing. Wait until all parts of your body are dry before putting your clothing back on. Time varies by person. Once you’re dry, you’re done!

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