Beauty How-To: Treat a Bug Bite

No that’s not a pimple. Last time we checked pimples don’t itch, turn hard, or swell up. Bug bites have all the beauty-slaughtering side effects of a zit without the easy-to-fix pop. Got a bad bite that won’t quit? Here is how to smash that sucker like the fly it came from.Examine the Bite:
If you smash the bug that took a chunk out of you, examine it incase you need to seek professional help if you are allergic.

Pull the Plug:
If a wasp or bee leaves their stinger behind in your skin, the first step is getting it out. If you need help getting the plug or stinger out of your bug bite, use hydrogen peroxide and a cotton swab. Dab the swab into the peroxide and touch it to your bug bite. This will help boil out the stinger.

Freeze It:
Apply ice to the big swellers. Tuck some ice in a clean wash cloth and apply it to your bug bite until it goes down.

Anti-Itch Me:
Use a topical cream to treat the bug bite. Choose one that has an antibiotic and itch fighter in it. Look for the ingredient diphenhydramine on the label.

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