Beauty How To: Tanning for Asians

How to Tan Asian Skin
Asian skin tones look great with a little bit of bronze on top. Luckily, you don’t have to submit yourself to the sun’s UV rays just to get little color. If you’ve been too nervous to self-tan, you’re in good hands. So take the chance and do it right with our steps to tanning Asian skin at home.

Always Cleanse Your Face Daily
Use a cleanser or exfoliater in the morning to get ris of any impurities that have collected over night.

Moisturize With SPF 30
Delicate skin needs an SPF of at least 30 included in a daily moisturizer. Try to find one that works for your skin with a high SPF protection.

Gradually Decrease Your SPF Number Over Time
To tan safely, begin with a sunscreen that is, let’s say, 30, and gradually decrease it to about 15. Moving down the SPF scale in small steps is crucial to not getting pulverized by Mr. Sunshine.

Tinted Moisturizer Can Do the Trick
Tinted moisturizers usually include SPF protection, and not only cover and moisturize your face, but also provide some extra coverage. It’ not as strong as concealer, but it doesn enough to add a shimmery glow and keep you face out of harm’s way.

Consider a Bronzer That Gives You a Natural Look
Self tanning gels tend to blend nicely with the skin. Do a patch test first incase the tanning color doesn’t work with your skin tone.

Wash Your Face Each Night
Washing your face before you hit the pillow is important. At night, your makeup will have hours to lock dirt and oil into your pores.

Remember to Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day
Without water, the face and skin can look dried out. If your body is properly hydrated, your face will have an added glow.