Beauty How-To: Self Tan

There is nothing sexier than a golden tan, but there is nothing less sexy than a golden tan gone orange. A fake tan leaves your palms discolored, your legs streaky, and your face blotchy. Unless you do it right… Prepare Your Skin:
Wash and dry your body before your attempt to self tan. Use a good body scrub to exfoliate the dead skin that causes streaking.

Apply the Product Evenly:
Choosing a product that is tinted rather than clear so you can see where you are distributing the cream. And stick to thin layers of product as opposed to a single gloppy one.

Get Some Help:
There are some spots of your body that you just can’t reach. Recruit another person to get tanner where you can’t or risk looking like a zebra.

Dry Yourself:
Let the tanner dry thoroughly before you put clothes on. Otherwise, you’ll stain the next outfit you wear.

Try Different Brands:
Find a tanner that doesn’t mask your skin, but rather gives it a heathy summer glow.

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