Beauty How-To: Score Soft Feet

There’s nothing worse than kicking your shoes off after a long day only to gawk at your cracked heels and rough toes. Our little piggies take a lot of hits between high heels, standing at bars, and walking around the office. Do yourself, and your feet, a favor: Take the time to pamper yourself with at-home pedis and score smooth, soft feet. Five steps, after the jump!

Soak and exfoliate:
Fill a warm tub with pedicure salt and water. After soaking feet for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes, use a foot scrub to gently exfoliate feet.

Trim cuticles and shape toenails:
Pat your feet dry and apply a cuticle cream to your toes. Gently trim (or push back) cuticles, and do the same with your toenails.

Paint toenails:
Remove any extra polish you may have on with a non-acetone remover, and paint your toes any color you choose.

Foot cream is what will keep your feet silky and soft. Shea butter also keeps feet very smooth.

Additional extra care:
If you have cracked heels, try a cracked heel treatment or a pumice stone. Companies also make moisturizing gel socks, which you should wear to bed for a great overnight foot treatment.