Beauty How-To: Even Out Your Skin Tone

Red blotches and discolorations in your skin can look like signs of aging, botched makeup, or weird irritations. While a few dabs of concealer will only help you for a few hours, there are plenty of ways to even out you skin tone in a snap. Read how, after the jump!

Fix Uneven Skin Tone with Microdermabrasion:
A dermatologist may recommend microdermabrasion to alleviate an uneven skin tone. This means removing old skin cells to reveal younger, newer skin that is more uniform in tone. If you can’t afford the professional microdermabrasion, start the process at home by using cosmetic rejuvenation products.

Ease Uneven Skin Tone by Moisturizing:
Keeping skin moisturized can make a huge difference in evening out your skin tone. Regenerate skin with a light daily moisturizer in the morning, and more intense moisturizing after cleansing and makeup removal at night.

Fight Uneven Skin Tone with Sunscreen:
The sun speeds up the aging process, contributing to discoloration and uneven skin tone. Apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 15, if it isn’t already present in your moisturizer.

Ward Off Uneven Skin Tone with Masks:
Weekly masks keep moisture locked into skin and clean out your pores as an added bonus. Purchase a professional facial mask or make one from ingredients in your kitchen. Use plain yogurt, egg yolks, or honey for a mask. After you apply the mask, wait 10 minutes and wipe it off with a damp washcloth after it dries.

Use Light To Distract:
A tinted moisturizer, foundation or face powder that contains light-reflecting pigments create the illusion that your skin is perfectly even toned.