Beauty How-To: Exfoliate Your Body

There’s nothing sexier than the touch of silky soft skin. And while facial moisturizers and hand creams are commonplace products to keep you smooth, you need some serious exfoliating action to sloth off the dead skin that keeps your sexiest layers on lock down. Here’s how to do it. Prep Your Skin:
Before you hop in the shower, give your skin the once over with an exfoliating brush or gloves.

Choose Your Scrub:
Select a grainy, exfoliating scrub that will get the job done. A good body scrub will contain nourishing ingredients like oatmeal or coconut as well as gentle exfoliants like sugar or sea salt.

Let blasts of warm water open your pores and wash away excess dirt and oil.

Apply a quarter-sized dollop of exfoliating body scrub to your glove or brush. Starting at your feet, gently massage your body in a gentle, circular motion.

Work It:
Slowly, work your way up your body, being sure to concentrate on the areas most prone to dry skin issues. Common dry skin areas tend to be the feet, thighs, knees and elbows. And never use a body exfoliating scrub on your face!

Lock it In:
After showering, gently pat yourself dry with a warm towel. Apply a moisturizer to your freshly exfoliated skin to lock in the results.

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