Beauty How-To: Get Rid Of Body Acne

A pimple on your face can be embarrassing, so just imagine finding blemishes on your back and body. Some people are predisposed to body acne, while others just need to jump start a decent skincare routine. Either way, steps to ridding yourself of pimples south of your collar bone are waiting for you after the jump!
Treat mild body acne with over-the-counter products:
Treat minor backne outbreaks by regularly washing irritated areas with acne washes. Any drugstore product made for this purpose with alpha hydroxy or similar will start working in the shower.

Use benzoyl peroxide to treat individual spots:
Doctors often recommend treating individual spots with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Apply products with these ingredients on top of mild breakouts.

Go to the dermatologist for more serious backne:
Tougher cases may require prescription-strength versions of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid directly applied to acne-filled areas. Some doctors may also prescribe oral contraceptives for women to reduce backne flare-ups.

Reduce your exposure to irritants to prevent future flare-ups:
Backne flare-ups can be prevented by reducing your exposure to irritants, such as rough, too tight, or polyester clothing. Consider wearing more cotton shirts and avoid carrying heavy items in backpacks.

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