Beauty How-To: Cope With A Bad Facial

There’s nothing worse than shelling out cash to get pampered only to have something go wrong with your treatment. A bad facial can put a damper on your usual routine but! We can deal with this people. Here’s what to do when you leave the spa less than satisfied. Let Your Voice Be Heard:
If you’re in any way unsatisfied with your experience getting a facial, don’t let it slide. Voice your concerns and frustrations right away to see if there are any immediate courses of action that can be taken to redress your situation.

Ask for Your Money Back:
If nothing can be done to fix your botched facial, ask for your money back. If your specific attendant is not sympathetic, ask to speak with a manager: explain what you’ve experienced and find out what can be done.

File a Complaint:
Depending on how bad your facial was and how poor the follow-up service, you may want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and/or a parent company, if your spa or salon has one. Formal complaints can help customers avoid bad businesses and, in the long run, help mediocre businesses know how to become better.

Restore the Condition of Your Skin by Thoroughly Washing & Moisturizing:
If there isn’t any severe skin damage, wash your face as usual and be sure to thoroughly moisturize afterwards. If you’re concerned about any lasting ramifications of your bad experience, visit a dermatologist to double-check on your skin.

Find a New Beauty Salon or Spa:
If you’re convinced the poor service you received is indicative of the salon or spa entirely, shop around for a new and better destination. There’s no point in staying loyal to a company that can’t meet your needs. Ask your friends for referrals and see what others online have to say about the best place for facials in your local area.