Beauty How-To: Apply Powder Blush

Everyone needs a little flush in the face to keep them from looking like a corpse in the morning. Too bad blush overkill can cause the dreaded clown-face, and unblended powder leaves cheeks looking painted. Learn how to handle your blush brush to create the right effects after the jump.Pick the Right Color:
Choosing the right color of blush is key. Everyday blush powders should be a few shades darker than your normal skin in the flattering hue your cheeks would naturally take on if you really were blushing; consider what would suit you best out of a pink, peach, rose or so on, and buy accordingly.

Purchase a Blush Brush:
Even if your chosen blush came packaged with a small applicator, it’s probably not the kind of brush designed to give you the best results. Pick out a blush brush with normally packed, fanned-out bristles.
Prep with Foundation

Smile to Find the Apples of Your Cheeks:
The circles of your cheeks that inflate when you’re smiling are known as apples. Gently sweep powder on your apples, beginning with the inside and stroking outward toward your ear.

Apply in Layers and Blend as Necessary:
Depending on how dramatic of a look you’re going for, continue by sweeping a few strokes more onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a translucent finishing powder to seamlessly blend in your blush by eliminating any visible lines.

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