Beauty How-To: Apply Highlighter

Sometimes foundation, bronzer, and blush just aren’t enough. When you want a shimmery, sculpted look for your cheeks and face, use a highlighter to add a look-at-me glow. Here’s how…

Preparation for Applying Highlighter:
Before you start applying highlighter, wash with a gentle cleanser and add a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Apply a thin layer of foundation all over your face.

Highlight Your Cheekbones:
Apply a highlighter just above your cheekbones to make them a more prominent feature. You’ll see them pop after you’ve added blush.

Bring Out Your Eyes:
Bring out your eyes by applying highlighter just along the brow bone, directly under the eyebrows. Add a dab at the corners of your eyes for a dolly glimmer.

Strengthen the Chin:
If you have a weak chin, bring it out by adding a hint of highlighter at the point.

Shrink a Wide Nose:
Make a wide nose look narrower by applying a line of highlighter down the middle, then use a slightly darker shade along the edges.

Finishing Up:
When you finish with highlighting and contouring, apply a light, translucent powder. And remember to blend. Now blend some more.